Thanks for joining us this year! We had an amazing turnout with over 3,000 people. We will be back in 2021! Stay tuned for details on date and location. 

Top 10 reasons to attend the Central Coast Veg Fest:

1. Taste great food
2. Learn something new about yourself and the future
3. Talk to real vegan human beings
4. Check out veganism in a family-friendly, non-threatening place
5. Watch a vegan chef make magic with plants
6. Increase your libido with plant-powered products
7. Be more environmentally mindful
8. Find out what the fuss is all about
9. Lots of kind, conscious people (90% are women)
10. It’s FREE to attend and to park, and there’ll be free samples and stuff, too!

Our 2019 Central Coast VegFest Promo Video

We invite YOU to the 3rd Annual Central Coast Veg Fest in beautiful San Luis Obispo!



Sorry, No Animals Allowed.

Getting To The Event!

Our goal is having an enviromentally friendly event so please choose an alternative method of arriving. Street Parking is limited. 

Trained & Passionate Speakers and Cooking Demonstrations

Is it Health, Environment, Conscience, or Kindness or something else?

We’ve got talks and programs to meet YOUR interests!

Let’s connect

We would love to know you–please make contact so we can welcome you!

Expert Speakers Slated For Third Annual Veg Fest

Expert Speakers Slated For Third Annual Veg Fest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:              Jenny B. Jones, Central Coast Veg Fest/Veg Events of SLO County 805-234-7279 EXPERT SPEAKERS SLATED FOR THIRD ANNUAL VEG FEST Cooking Tutorials and Personal Stories will highlight the educational part of the...

Is it OK to Harm Animals? a commentary by Ray Cooper

Is it OK to Harm Animals? a commentary by Ray Cooper

"Why is it, as an animal advocate, I’m encouraged, or “allowed” to protect any species on this planet except the ones we eat? I could be talking about butterflies and birds, but as soon as I bring up cows and pigs, everybody starts getting weird. It boils down to one...