“Why is it, as an animal advocate, I’m encouraged, or “allowed” to protect any species on this planet except the ones we eat?
I could be talking about butterflies and birds, but as soon as I bring up cows and pigs, everybody starts getting weird.

It boils down to one question:
Are animals harmed in any way during the production of your food?
98% of all Americans have to say yes.

The next obvious question is:
Why is that OK?

If it’s OK to harm animals, why do we have disclaimers at the end of movies assuring us that no animals were harmed?
Would it be OK to go ahead and harm a chicken in the film?
What if you ate a chicken sandwich during the film and then got a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when you saw the disclaimer at the end?

I’ll tell you what’s really weird, people running around mindlessly repeating narratives that have been pounded into their heads since birth.
They don’t have the willingness to challenge what’s wrong with society and think for themselves.

What’s the difference between the dogs they eat in Korea and your beloved companion?
Answer: Nothing, their narrative is the same.”

Thanks, Ray, for your insights and powerful commentary!