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Our mission: Central Coast Vegans is a California-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting vegans while educating and attracting others to veganism. We believe in the inherent worth of all animals, protecting the environment, and safeguarding health.
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Central Coast Vegans

We are a non-profit organization in Northern Santa Barbra & SLO counties and we support the vegan community with a variety of resources including social opportunities local meetups, dining guides, plant-based eating resources, volunteer opportunities in the community and mentoring program for veg-curious individuals.

Our social activities include: dinners out, potlucks, cooking classes, movie screenings, and special events including our annual Central Coast VegFest and Fall Feast. Central Coast Vegans also serves as a resource and place for vegans to find and share information. We are the “home of all things vegan” on the Central Coast.

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Join Central Coast Vegans and make a positive difference in our community! We have many fun and meaningful ways to contribute to our raidly growing vegan community.

Get Social

We offer many ways to connect socially with other like-minded people. Whether you like eating out at local vegan friendly restaurants or meeting up and volunteering, there is something for you!

Find Vegan Food

Locate your favorite vegan food or a new vegan restaurant. There are many choices available on the Central Coast. And by eating out regularly we create more demand which grows the movement!

Articles and Items of Interest

Welcome to the vegan mind!  And thank you to all of our contributors, local and beyond.  Please read on for fascinating and “edutaining” writing on all topics vegan.  Enjoy!
Expert Speakers Slated For Third Annual Veg Fest

Expert Speakers Slated For Third Annual Veg Fest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:              Jenny B. Jones, Central Coast Veg Fest/Veg Events of SLO County 805-234-7279 EXPERT SPEAKERS SLATED FOR THIRD ANNUAL VEG FEST Cooking Tutorials and Personal Stories will highlight the educational part of the...

Is it OK to Harm Animals? a commentary by Ray Cooper

Is it OK to Harm Animals? a commentary by Ray Cooper

"Why is it, as an animal advocate, I’m encouraged, or “allowed” to protect any species on this planet except the ones we eat? I could be talking about butterflies and birds, but as soon as I bring up cows and pigs, everybody starts getting weird. It boils down to one...