Get Involved with Central Coast Farm Animal Sanctuaries!

The local sanctuaries provide caring homes for farm animals in need. Farm animal sanctuaries allow people to connect with animals.  Please consider visiting or volunteering.

Greener Pastures
Greener Pastures Farm Animal Sanctuary is currently looking for land. Board members currently foster. Greener Pastures rescues abused, neglected, and unwanted farm animals and tends to them with gentle patience, love and care. We then share them with children to teach kindness and compassion ​to animals, each other, and our planet.


Happy Hen Chicken Rescue
Happy Hen Chicken Rescue was founded by eleven-year-old Zoe Rosenberg in 2014. Zoe is now fifteen years old and continues to work hard to end cruelty towards animals. The goal of this rescue is to demand animal liberation, and to rescue farmed animals from the food industry.


Little Heart Farm Animal Sanctuary
Little Heart Farm Animal Sanctuary is a micro sanctuary at a private residence in Arroyo Grande. All animal residents moved here because they were in need of a home. Residents include hens, roosters, goats and sheep. All residents are cared for with love by a vegan family.


Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary
Loving Farm is a farmed animal sanctuary located in beautiful Atascadero, California. We provide care and love to over 20 animals including pigs, horses, battery cage hens, dogs and cats. Tours are by appointment only. Visit their Facebook calendar for the next volunteer day or open house.