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The inception of Central Coast Veg began in November of 2008 as a Meetup group in an effort for vegans and veg-curious individuals to be able to connect and network in social settings on the Central Coast of California. Central Coast Veg has continued to steadily grow and be the place for the vegan community to attend social opportunities such as dinners out, potlucks, cooking classes, movie screenings, and special events. Our visibility at in person social events has helped rapidly grow the vegan community and has helped facilitate introducing like-minded members of the community to one another. Central Coast Veg has become the voice for vegans on the Central Coast and also serves as a resource and place for vegans to find and share information. We are the “home of all things vegan” on the Central Coast.

Our mission: Central Coast Veg is a California-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting vegans while educating and attracting others to veganism. We believe in the inherent worth of all animals, protecting the environment, and safeguarding health.

I didn’t change, I woke up. ~Anonymous

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