Booth Type

Indoor Exhibitors (Comfort & Convenience) may give away small food samples, product samples, and sell products and/or packaged food that is not meant for consumption at Veg Fest. All samples, products and marketing materials must be vegan. No propane or cooking indoors. Each Vendor must bring their table. 2 chairs are provided for each indoor vendor. Because our vendors are representing the VegFest, please only sign-up if you already vegan. Please bring only one 6′ table per booth space. Booth size is approx 8’ wide x 6’ deep. ALL VENDORS MUST BE FULLY SET UP BY 9:30AM.

*Local Small Business: We offer a discounted price to small businesses that are not a part of a large corporation. This discount is only for indoor vendors.

Food Vendors: Pop-ups and Food Trucks will be outside (no equipment provided). Be sure to bring long extension cords to hook up and clearly define your electricity requirements in the form below.

Late Donation: You may add the late donation in the donation field at the end of the form if you are applying after the late application date.

Additional Donation after Feb 8

Rate after Dec 20

Early Rate Until December 20

Booth Type

$30 additional


2nd space 1/2 price

Indoor Exhibitor (for profit)

$10 additional


$40 / 2nd space $20

Non-profit Exhibitor

$25 additional


$150/ 2nd space $100

Food Vendor (Outdoor Sales)

$5 additional


$25 / 2nd space $12.50

Animal Related Organization/Sanctuary